26 April 2010

Cathedral Close

Last week I went to a private view called The Close in Art. It was a tile project which I had done last November with a group of Secondary students from 4 different schools in Hereford.

The project was a celebration of Hereford Cathedral Close which is being completely renovated. All the students took patterns and textures from the close, which formed the boarder of the mosaic. Some students worked on creating a relief tile depicting the collapse of the west end of the cathedral in 1786, and some worked on a tile showing animals grazing in the close. The central cross in the mosaic is made up from raised tiles which have architectural details of the cathedral on.

These close ups show the mosaic before the grout went in.

You can see the exhibition inside the cathedral until the 23rd May.
There is an article about the project and another picture of some finished tiles in this weeks Hereford Times.

19 April 2010


Recently I have been working in my little boy's reception class. They wanted to make dinosaurs so I took in some boards, a big bag of red clay and a few textures. I worked with groups of 4, and I had about 30 minutes with each group. I tried to plan lots of different things to show them, but in the end found it was better to just give out the clay and let them take it in the direction which they wanted to go in. It was a lot of fun. These are a couple of the results. The top one is a mummy and baby lizard dinosaur, and the bottom one is a slide o saurus whose 'tummy is a slide'...fantastic!