28 October 2007

test tiles

I have been busy doing some new test tiles. The ones at the top are painted with brush on glazes, which I usually use with students. The ones at the bottom are powdered glaze stains mixed with white slip, which is what I use on all my work.

17 October 2007


My friend Mari is coming to stay at the weekend and I can't wait. We shared a studio for 7 years, before I moved to the countryside. Mari took over my work space as she needs lots of room for the many projects she has on the go. Our work couldn't be more different. I love colour and pattern, and mari loves shape and form.Here we are at hello kitty world in Japan.

Mari mainly makes wall pieces based on nature

Here is a recent commission Mari did for the cancer research garden at Chelsea flower show this year.

14 October 2007

eric carle

Etienne and I spend a lots of time enjoying picture books. Eric Carle is one of our favourites. I was really pleased to see he has a website with videos of how he makes his collages, and lots of information about his work and life. Lots of teachers have written in to say how they have used his books in their art lessons. I'm looking forward to having a go!

10 October 2007


I have just ordered some letter stamps from cox and cox. I have been looking for ages to find the right size and font. Writing is a recurrent theme in my work, and I am always asked what my writing says. I usually write the words on the vases as though I'm writing a diary, with snippets of conversation, radio, songs all pieced together. Sometimes I use poetry, match results, or the shipping forecast.
I used to use lonely hearts ads, as they are full of positive adjectives, but my customers were a bit unnerved by this!

6 October 2007

amy cartwright

I've recently found my college friend Amy Cartwright on facebook
While I was getting my hands dirty in the ceramics department, Amy was in the clean bit, the graphics studio. She made lush work then and it is even more lush now!

2 October 2007


Here is my finished studio. Lots of worktop space!! It's better than my kitchen, but it won't stay this tidy for long.

The best bit is the drying rack. All shelves are removable, so that you can do the work on boards and leave on the shelves for firing. I can also dry my slabs of clay here and not leave them all over the floor where I usually step on them. Probably only other potters will understand why I am so excited about these shelves!