28 April 2008

wavy prints and wavy pots

Here are some recent screen prints of mine, and an example of how I have used the designs on my vases.
The vases haven't been fired yet, they will be black and white but a bit glossier.
The tiny spots were done with a spotty screen , and the big spots and waves with paper stencils.
I just painted the pots freehand.

21 April 2008


I thought for ages about how to catalogue all the snippets of things that I like. I have got loads of cuttings from magazines, postcards, colour ideas etc, but they were lying all over the place until I stuck them all onto A4 bits of paper and put them into clear wallets. I can put them in an order like textiles, prints, chinz, and then swap them about if I need to. It's a great way of spending time cutting up bits of paper, and it makes me feel very organised. The next kiln load of pots aren't getting painted though!

1 April 2008

decorating a vase

Here's me decorating the vase. I pour a layer of coloured slip into the vase first and then a layer of clear glaze. I paint the vase in it's base colour. I put the designs onto newspaper first and then transfer onto the vase. The designs are painted in clear glaze and fired to 1200 degrees centigrade in my electric kiln.