25 June 2008


This pattern is called symbol. The vase has been painted in underglaze and then scratched into with a clear glaze on top. The green and pink one is a screen print.

19 June 2008

tile workshop

A few weeks ago I did a tile workshop with some nursery children. I had rolled out a large slab for each of them, and they explored patterns and textures in the clay. I cut out an interesting section with my tile cutter and then they used cutters on the remaining clay which we then stuck onto the tile. After firing I painted them with one coat of brush on glaze. I learnt a lot from working with the children, and the first thing was that I didn't leave any room for them to just squelch clay.

14 June 2008

lime and turquoise

Here are some close ups of a couple of the lime green vases I have been doing recently. I have to call all my vases names to identify them to myself, and galleries. I have to name them the first thing that comes into my head or I can spend far too long thinking about it. The top one is 'Eyes' and the bottom one is 'Atom'

11 June 2008


There was a third birthday party in this house last week! I had a lot of fun making cakes. One of the mummies said what camp puddings! And I took that as a compliment!
I made the rabbit jelly in a glass mould and had to slightly melt it in hot water and then turn out onto a plate. It was all very stressful, and on my second attempt managed to turned out a skinned rabbit with no features. Even Etienne didn't recognise it, but I put him in a strawberry patch and I think he is happy.