31 January 2008

more prints

It's been a quick week, and I am already screen printing again. This time I went prepared with 4 identical templates, and lots of ideas about how wonderfully they would all turn out. GRRRRRR! It's so difficult to get what you have in your head onto paper/material. I understand how my own students feel. Time races by and as soon as you get going it's time to pack away.
I was trying to do fiddly prints and the more successful ones in the class were BIG and BOLD. I hope I remember this for next week and meanwhile I'm going to take inspiration from these!

25 January 2008

screen printing

I have started a course in screen printing. I want to dedicate time to getting some new pattern ideas. You can't get that much done in 3 hours, and I am just getting to grips with my positives and negatives and how they will look on paper. These are my first attempts! I want to move away from some of the patterns which I already do on my ceramics, but find that I am clinging on to them.

This print was getting quite interesting at the top, but managed to splat the print below with the screen full of ink.

21 January 2008

shot glasses

I have been having a BIG tidy up. It has taken about 5 days to do, and I'm still not finished, and I'm wondering whether it was really worth spending 5 days of my time doing this. However I have found some treasures when clearing the attic. The best one is the collection of shot glasses. I lovingly took them out of the box to photograph, and now I'm not sure what to do with them, so I've put them back!

4 January 2008

christmas book no. 1

It was a pattern-tastic Christmas this year, and I got some lovely books.

This one was on my Amazon wish list as I like the work of Amy Butler so much. This book is about her work , but you also get to see her house and studio which is just as interesting.

It has inspired me to heave the sewing machine out of the attic and make a patchwork quilt. Better phone my Mum up first and see how you do it.