26 February 2008

wrapping paper?

I was pleased with how these designs came out. They looked like they could be wrapping paper. Although the designs are improving, the technique is not, it's still all blobby!
My screen has arrived though, and I have been experimenting with coloured slips onto leather hard clay.

21 February 2008

paper pots

The screen printing looks much improved in 3D. I've ordered my own screen now so hopefully I can try some of these effects out on clay with slips and glazes. I will have to do it onto flat sheets of wet clay, so have no idea how I will make them into a vase shape without ruining the decoration.

17 February 2008


I was teaching 15yr olds some slab building techniques last week. This is what the group of 4 produced in a day and a half. This included looking at contemporary teapots, design time and carving their own plaster stamps. When I was searching around for images I found that Ceramics Monthly is online including some articles from the latest issue.

11 February 2008

christmas book no. 2

My friend Mari found me a lovely book called 'Kimono and the colours of Japan Kimono collection of Katsumi Yumioka' by Katsumi Yumioka.
The book is divided into colour catagories, and each one has a desciption of how the colour is achieved and it's significance.
For example' We use white black and gold as an expression of cheer. Red indicates sun, blood and fire. White black and silver express sadness'

4 February 2008


Spring is here, but only inside my house