22 December 2007


Some ceramic bunting I made for this years tree.

20 December 2007

old friends

I've just finished all my shows and exhibitions and there's only a couple of things for orders left to do. I've been having an early studio spring clean, but it didn't go that well I was just hanging on to lots of things 'for the archives', and didn't manage to get rid of anything much. Here are some pots from the bottom of the box!

These ones are based on textile prints and dressmaking patterns

I haven't done yellow for ages, these are some early pieces. I'm glad to be reviving my lemon yellow with turquoise!

3 December 2007

Ruth Green

I did a show at the weekend, selling my ceramics at the MAC in Birmingham. It's only a one day show but they run every sunday for about 6 weeks during November and December. I'm doing 3 this year, and my last one is this coming Sunday. I have forgotton to take my camera every time, so no picture of the stand!
Last Sunday I bought a bag with this Ruth Green design on it.

These screen prints are so nice, I could have housed them all.

There are also some paintings on her website and a lot of them are of pots which appeals to me!