28 September 2007

ikea again

I went to ikea to find a shelving system that we could cut up and fit into a wall in our new extension. We can across a great blog http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/ different people have sent in ideas of how to hack up ikea products and make them into something else. I bought a 30p bag just in case i ever manage to make a nappy bag/changing mat...( my personal favourite)
We didn't find anything so Ben with have to make it all, and worse, sand/paint it.

I also managed to find my apron material

and find a little bit of space for this!

24 September 2007

storing my stuff

Now that open studios are over Ben has put up lots of Ikea units for me to store all of my glaze materials in. This will be really good as stuff won't get so dusty as they do on shelves. I've got lots of raw ingredients for mixing up glazes that I'll probably never use again...so I'll just leave those at the back and keep a list of what I've got.
I'm also going to have worktop all around the edge so that I can run workshops from here too. I'll be running an evening class next month, so it's all got to be done before then.
I'm back to Ikea tomorrow to get all the bits they didn't have last time, and some material for making aprons with!

15 September 2007

open studios

My new signs!

Some new designs and colourways. Yellow and turquoise is the most successful. I think I'll change the coffee/blue combo and make it more of a brown/blue

This week I have had to clear up the studio all ready for h.Art Herefordshire open studios. 115 artists, makers and galleries open their doors for 11 days to let the public in to see what they do. It's a good chance to tidy up your studio, make some new work and meet some new and existing customers

new studio

I moved into my new studio last month. Here's what it looked like when I was moving all my bits in, I plan to put in fitted cupboards and worktops.