22 November 2007

before and after

Here is my kiln before firing..........
and here it is after. It's not a very full load this one, my controller's been playing up recently so I'm spreading firings out. I've got some test tiles on the top shelf that didn't come out very well, but there are some new designs on the pots that I'm pleased with.

15 November 2007

sunny day

If I look beyond the remains of the building work, it is a beautiful frosty morning.
I have a whole day of painting ahead of me. It's my favourite bit, i'm too excited to start, but had better get on with it as the kiln has to fire tonight!

12 November 2007


I had my first one day workshop on friday. We were making dishes from one slab of clay. Templates were first designed in paper, and then sheets of clay were decorated with slips, cut to the pattern of the template, folded around and re-joined to make a dish shape.

The finished fish dish! This just needs to be bisque fired and a clear glaze added.
Patterns were painted on and then scratched into using pins. Areas were also textured.
As well as all the hard work, we all had fun and managed to drink a lot of cups of tea.