28 March 2008


I am doing some designs with waterlillies in them. My current floral vases are of a Japanese Anenome and a Clematis, but i'm going to leave them for a while. I find it good to choose a flower and spend a while drawing it on paper so that I get a bit more familiar with it before going into any designs on pots.

25 March 2008

making a vase

Here's a slideshow of me making a vase.
I use Earthstone Original clay and do all my rolling out by hand. When the clay has gone leather hard, I use newspaper templates to cut out the shape of the vase . I scratch and score the edges of the clay, curve the pieces around a rolling pin to shape them, and then stick them together with a mixture of water and clay.
I tidy up the top and edges, and put a base on.

12 March 2008

2008 workshops

I have just had a little tidy up of the studio and thought I'd take this picture for my website as I have just put some dates for workshops up. There are two saturday courses in May and June and a weekend one in July.

4 March 2008

blue and green prints

My screen arrived, it is very exciting i burnt some ovals onto it as you can see on the top picture, and also some tiny spots on the bottom picture so I can print ovals and spots to my hearts content. I have tried printing onto my clay with slips....fairly unsucessfully so far, but I'm sure it's just practice.
Through Print and Pattern I have found a really nice blog about screenprinting called Make It
There is lots of useful information and links to other silk screeny type things