22 January 2009

wibble wobble

I got these lovely jelly moulds for my birthday, and I've been working out the best way to turn the jelly out without it ending up as a puddle on the floor.
1. Use double the consistency recommended on the packet ie. 2 packets of jelly to 1 pint water.
2. Rinse out the mould, shake out the water and pour jelly mixture in, and set in the fridge.
3. When it has set, put jelly upside down into a bowl with half boiling and half cold water. make sure water comes up to the top of the jelly mould so the bottom of the jelly will release.
4. Leave for 1 minute. Place plate over top and shake out. If it won't come out , put in water for another minute. Repeat. Mine took 3 mins to come out, but if you leave it too long it just melts and runs everywhere.
If this does happen, and you are quick, you can pour it back into the mould, re-set in the fridge and try again.
Mmm they look so good

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Amy C said...

what a perfect gift - these are fab. Reminds me of birthday parties when I was little and sometimes the jelly would come out and other times it wouldn't budge so it would get spooned out instead which I always found a huge disappointment!